Welcome to the website of  John & Jeannette Simpson. 

We were loyal customers of PlusNet and their business predecessors for 25 years
and they previously hosted this website. 
On 18 January 2023 they advised us that they intended to close their business services
and would no longer host websites or offer email services.
This disrupted our work and caused us a great deal of trouble.
We set up a new site with JustHostMe, who were extremely helpful, and migrated our website to the 
new host.
We may have missed some links during that process, so please accept our apologies for anything which doesn't work.

We research a variety of topics, produced a book about a Russian Princess, (and are working on another)
we founded the former Sussex Japan Society and we research family history.

Resources on all things Japanese.

Our 'World of Beers' website

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