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Barr Pat
B T Batsford Ltd 1980
Useful information for visitor, also descriptions of different regions.

Befu Harumi
Japan - An Anthropological Introduction
Charles E Tuttle Company 1981

Bestor Theodore C
Neighbourhood Tokyo
Stanford University Press 1989
Although an academic work, written as an anthropological study, this book contains so many anecdotes of the activities of individuals in the area that it makes entertaining reading and gives a good insight into daily life in the suburbs of Tokyo

Bisignani J D
Japan Handbook
Moon Publications 1983

Booth Alan
Collins Illustrated Guide to Japan
William Collins Sons & Co Ltd 1988

Booth Alan
The Roads to Sata
Viking 1986
Diary of a walk by the author from Cape Soya to Cape Sata. Very amusing but also reflects how difficult it is for a foreigner to make Japan his homeland.

Booth Alan
Looking for the Lost
Kodansha International 1995
Published after his tragically early death from cancer in 1993, this book is a diary of walks around remoter parts of Japan.  His love of Japan does not prevent him from seeing it as it is and his observations are sharp, witty and always entertaining as well as enlightening.

Bornoff Nicholas
Pink Samurai
Love, Marriage & Sex in Contemporary Japan
Pocket Books/Grafton Books 1991

Buruma Ian
A Japanese Mirror
Heroes and Villains of Japanese Culture
Jonathan Cape 1984
Fascinating insights into the national character.

Carey Patrick
Rediscovering the Old Tokaido -
In the Footsteps of Hiroshige
Global Books, PO Box 219, Folkestone Kent CT20 3LZ
As far as we know it is the only book by a non-Japanese about a  walk in modern times down the Old Tokaido (the famous highway of Edo period Japan)  and one of the only books in English that has all 55 Hoeido Tokaido series in full colour (not full size).

Chamberlain & Mason Basil Hall & W B
A Handbook for Travellers in Japan
(including Formosa)
John Murray 1913
A very detailed guide with maps and drawings which show some places which no longer exist; also gives an insight into the way of life - used by Richard Gordon Smith (see Manthorpe ed.)

Christopher Robert C
The Japanese Mind
The Goliath Explained
Pan Books 1984
0 330 28419 3

City of Kyoto
Tankosha Co Ltd Tokyo-Kyoto 1970
Appears to be specially compiled presentation volume of articles and B&W photographs in a slipcase, containing an inserted printed dedication by Mayor of Kyoto and what appears to be a handwritten dedication signed by the Mayor. A printed postscript saying that this is a revised version of a book first printed in 1962 has had plain paper pasted over it.

Consolo (Ed) Paula
Fodor's Japan
The Complete Guide with the Best Of Tokyo, Kyoto and Old Japan
Fodor's Travel Publications Inc 1994
The most detailed guide - see later editions.

De Mente Boye
Everything Japanese
The Complete A to Z of Life in Japan
Harrap Books Ltd 1989
Designed to be a comprehensive introduction to Japan in the form of short topics on a wide range of subjects - useful and quite readable.

De Mente Boye
Japanese Etiquette & Ethics in Business
Phoenix Publishing Associates Ltd 1987
Excellent analysis of Japanese business world; valuable definitions of certain key words and presentation of concepts peculiar to Japan or particularly emphasised there. Sounds heavy but is very readable.

Doi Takeo
The anatomy of dependence
The key analysis of Japanese behaviour
Kodansha 1981

Downer Lesley
On the Narrow Road to the Deep North
Journey into a Lost Japan
Jonathan Cape 1989
0 224 02473 6
The author retraces the last great journey of Matsuo Basho, the famous haiku poet, through the northern provinces of Japan and discovers that the ancient way of life still exists in these rural areas. A TV documentary was based on the book.

Durston Diane
Seven Paths to the Heart of the City
Kodansha International 1987
A slim large format book fully illustrated with colour pictures and maps it uses the device of guided walks through the old quarters of Kyoto to introduce the history and traditions which give the former capital city its special qualities.

Eu Geoffrey
Insight City Guides
APA Publications (HK) Ltd 1991
Beautifully illustrated guide book, concise but readable.

Glenn Vernon
Nipping into Nippon
A Journey to Japan
The Book Guild Ltd, Lewes 1983
0 86332 021X
Description of a journey by two pensioners who stayed with Japanese families as part of a special holiday.

Greenbie Sidney
Japan Real and Imaginary
Harper & Bros NY 1920
Illustrated by B&W photographs, the first part of this book conveys the writer's initial sensations of the country; later in the book where he tries to adopt a historical/critical standpoint it is less successful. However it is interesting to read his warnings about the Japanese militarists written many years before their influence led to wars.

Holledge Simon
CFW Publications Ltd 1987
Compact guide, beautiful photographs.

Hürlimann & King Martin & Francis
Thames and Hudson 1970
0 500 24072 8
Large format, 255 photos, 26 colour

Inumaru Kazuo
Japan The Sacred City of Kyoto
Classical Art Tours
Beautiful colour photographs.

Japan Times (pub)
What's What
In Japan's Diet, Government and Public Agencies
The Japan Times Ltd 1989
Guide to public institutions in comic book form, with use of flow charts and organisation charts.

Joseph Joe
The Japanese
Strange but not strangers
Viking 1993
Humorous but wide-ranging look at Japanese society. Useful information in easy-to-read format.

Jurkowitz Deborah
Fodor's Great Travel Values
Fodor's Travel Publications Inc 1988
For travellers on a budget. A few maps, but no illustrations.

Kawasaki Ichiro
The Japanese Are Like This
Charles E Tuttle Co
1957 (approx)
The Japanese people assessed by a young career diplomat who had travelled abroad extensively. Some of the writer's observations and predictions are interesting when compared with Japan's subsequent history.

Kennedy Rick
Home, Sweet Tokyo
Life in a Weird and Wonderful City
Kodansha International 1989
Humorous account of a city of which he is obviously very fond by a long term resident. Worth reading for a general insight into Japan as much as for specific information on Tokyo.

Kodansha (pub)
A Bilingual Atlas
Kodansha 1991
Bilingual atlas, divided into area, city, sight-seeing, transportation and thematic maps.

Kodansha (pub)
A Bilingual Atlas
Kodansha 1991
Bilingual street maps.

Landy Pierre
The Japan I love . . .
Tudor Publishing Co NY 1966
126 photos, 12 colour

Langford/Clark Mike/Gregory (Photos/text)
Landscape, Tradition, Season
Phaidon 1991
0 7148 27193
Beautiful pictures which give the atmosphere of Japan, but perhaps shows off the photographer's skills rather than being informative.

Lowe John
Into Japan
John Murray 1985
A personal and entertainingly written book, telling of the author's experiences while living and working in Japan. While it gives information on many parts of Japan it is not a travel guide and should be read from the point of getting background material. You may not agree with all the personal views the author expresses.

Mainichi Newspapers (pub)
Seeing Japan
Vol 10 March 64
Mainichi Newspapers 1964
Articles on parts of Japan intended for visitors in the year of the Japan Olympics.

Maloney Don
Japan: It's not all raw fish
The Japan Times Ltd 1980
Articles printed in the Japan Times by an American working in Tokyo. Humorous approach, some interesting insights into life among the Japanese but a feeling the author hasn't tried too hard to fit in.

Mannin Ethel
The Flowery Sword
The Travel Book Club 1960
The author tells of a journey round Japan in the 50's. As such it is an interesting record of Japan at that time, slightly marred by the author's insular attitude - she condemns most Japanese food as uneatable - and antipathetic reactions to some aspects of Japanese life.

Maraini Fosco
Meeting with Japan
Trans E Mosbacher
The Viking Press NY 1960
Description of journey through Japan with digressions into culture - very perceptive comments

Maraini Fosco
Time Life International (Nederland) BV 1978
Beautifully illustrated.

Martineau Lisa
Caught in a Mirror
Reflections of Japan
Macmillan 1993
The author was a correspondent in Tokyo for three years and has used her experiences to produce this guide to Japan and the Japanese. Very good insights into the culture, especially the darker side. Essential read to compensate for an excess of geisha and sakura!

McDermott John W
How to Get Lost & Found in New Japan
Hunter Publishing Inc 1987
Fairly superficial but very readable account of the travels throughout Japan of a middle-aged American couple, who could speak no Japanese but received plenty of help from local people wherever they went. Very pleasant book.

McNeil Ian
The Arlington Businessman's Guide to Japan
Arlington Books 1979

McQueen Ian L
A travel survival kit
Lonely Planet Publications 1989
3rd edition. Plenty of detail and useful hints. Includes some maps, drawings and colour photographs. See Strauss et al for 4th edition.

Mikes George
The Land of the Rising Yen
Penguin Books 1973
Collection of observations on the Japanese people and their way of life.

Milward R S
What every businessman should know
Japan Press and Language Services 1986

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan
The Japan of Today
Printed in Japan
Nicely illustrated. A government publication which states facts and figures about Japan in a very dry style, but quite comprehensive for a slim book.

National Geographic Magazine
Japan's sun rises over the Pacific
November 1991
National Geographic Society USA 1991
Influence of Japan on neighbouring countries pp 37-67

National Geographic Magazine
Kansai - Japan's Historic Heartland
March 1970
National Geographic Society USA 1970
History and modern life as a prelude to the 1970 Expo pp 295-339

National Geographic Magazine
Kyoto and Nara: Keepers of Japan's past
June 1976
National Geographic Society USA 1976
The two ancient capitals emphasising culture and tradition - includes Kyoto New Year pp 836-859

National Geographic Magazine
Those successful Japanese
March 1974
National Geographic Society USA 1974
Japanese business and changing lifestyles pp 323-359

National Geographic Magazine
Tokyo the peaceful explosion
October 1964
National Geographic Society USA 1964
Well illustrated taste of Tokyo pp 445-487

Nippon Steel
Nippon - The Land and its People
Nippon Steel 1988
Packed with facts in Japanese and English

Ogrizek Doré
The World in Colour Series
McGraw-Hill 1957
Although some of the facts are dated, this is a beautifully illustrated book, worth reading for the information on customs and traditions, and enjoyable to look through.

Paulus Conrad Little
Fodor's 91 Japan
With Tours of Old Japan and Advice for Business Travelers
Fodor's Travel Publications Inc 1991
Fairly detailed, but not always clear enough in terms of directions. Some maps, but no illustrations.

Pearce Jean
Foot-loose in Tokyo
The curious traveller's guide to the 29 stages of the Yamanote line
Weatherhill 1976
Entertaining and unusual guide to Tokyo based on the Yamanote sen, the equivalent of the Circle line in London.

Pearse Bowen
Companion to Japanese Britain and Ireland
In Print Publishing Ltd 1991
Sites in the UK with Japanese connections - essential reading.

Pfeil & Gardiner Tobias & Lisa
Harenberg City Guide Tokio
Harenberg Verlag 1992
Pocket Guide in German.

Popham Peter
The Insider's Guide to Japan
CFW Publications Ltd 1987

Porter Hal
The Actors
An Image of the New Japan
Angus & Robertson 1968
The author uses a very pompous style to denigrate everything he sees in Japan! Written in the late 60's by an Australian it may reflect the fear of Japanese success in re-building post-war. Only worth reading as an antidote to an excessive enthusiasm for things Japanese!

Pover Caroline
Being A Broad in Japan
Alexandra Press 2001
Includes everything you need to make the most out of your life: case studies of Western women working in almost 50 different types of jobs; an essential book for any Western woman living in Japan. 

Public Information Bureau
The Japan of Today
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan 1967
A small nicely illustrated book packed with official statistics (out-dated!).

Randle & Watanabe John & Mariko
Coping with Japan
Basil Blackwell 1987
Succinctly explains how to deal with Japanese culture, food, social events and almost anything which might occur while on a trip to Japan. Worth short-listing in the "essential guides" category.

Random Michel
David & Charles 1987
Large format book with full-page colour photographs. Text covers geography, history, traditions and sociology.

Reading Brian
Japan - The Coming Collapse
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1992
0 297 81020 0
Written by a leading economist, this book makes some serious points about the precariousness of Japan's apparently booming eceonomy. However, those who are not into economics could also read it as an authoritative exposé of the corrupt politics, gangster control and unequal taxation system which lies behind what we normally think to be a democratic market-led economy.

Reiber Beth
Frommer's Japan and Hong kong
Prentice Hall 1990
3rd edition - promises advice on how to save money on your travels!

Richie Donald
Geisha, Gangster, Neighbour, Nun
Scenes from Japanese Lives
Kodansha International 1991
4 7700 15267
Brief biographies of Japanese people - famous and unknown - whom the author has met. It gives a fascinating and very different picture of Japanese society.

Richie Donald
The Inland Sea
Century 1986
0 7126 9575 3
A very personal account of the author's travels around lesser-known islands of the Inland Sea, in which he sheds a different light on the character of the Japanese - and on himself!

Rosenberg & O'Neill Alan & W J
for MEN with YEN
A Guide to the Japanese Hostess System
Wayward Press Tokyo/Weatherhill 1969
Amusing guide with cartoons

Sansom Katharine
Living in Tokyo
Chatto & Windus 1937
Intended for visitors to Japan pre WWII - illustrated with 40 plates by a Japanese artist

Scott Morton W
The Japanese
How they live and work
David & Charles 1973
Short, readable summaries on various aspects of Japanese life, including the relationship of Japan with other countries. Important to remember that certain details, such as the statistics, may no longer be accurate.

Seidensticker Edward
The Sunday Times World Library
Time Inc and Thomson Newspapers Ltd 1962

Seidensticker Edward
This Country Japan
Kodansha International 1984
In spite of the title most of this book is about Japanese literature; the remainder consists of articles printed in the Yomiuri Shimbun - all somewhat dated. Overall not recommended except for those with special interests.

Shelley Rex
Culture Shock! - Japan
A guide to customs and etiquette
Kuperard 1993
Useful for details of culture and behaviour but should be treated with caution as some of the comments are inaccurate and others out of date.

Shiba Kimpei
Oh, Japan!
Yesterday, Today and probably Tomorrow
Paul Norbury Publications 1979
09 044404 277
Short articles collected around a variety of themes by a veteran Japanese journalist. Entertaining and informative, but much of the material is rather dated, so those looking for general information on Japanese life would be advised to seek a more modern work.

Simpson Colin
The Country Upstairs
(Also pub as "Picture of Japan" & "Japan: An Intimate View")
Angus & Robertson Ltd 1963

Singer Kurt
Mirror, Sword and Jewel
A study of Japanese characteristics
George Brazille New York
Academic style and heavy going. Most of the insights it provides can be obtained from other more digestible and more entertaining books.

Smith Howard
Inside Japan
BBC 1981
Collection of essays by different writers on Japanese society, culture, economic growth and politics. Published to accompany series of BBC TV programmes first broadcast in 1980.

Smolan & Cohen Rick & David
A Day in the Life of Japan
Collins Publishers Inc 1985
Very large format book of photographs taken by leading photographers all over Japan in one day, 7 June 1985. Contains illustrations of all aspects of life. A beautiful book.

Spry-Leverton & Kornicki Peter
Michael O'Mara Books Ltd - A Channel Four Book 1987
Includes some history, also chapters on Japan and the outside world, Japan at war, information and technology, town and country, domestic and social life, international society and Japan. Very readable, with interesting analysis and comment. Excellent photographs (by Joel Sackett).

Statler Oliver
Japanese Pilgrimage
Picador (Pan Books) 1984
Story of the author's 1,000 mile pilgrimage around Shikoku.

Stewart-Smith Jo
In the Shadow of Fujisan
Japan and its Wildlife
Viking/Rainbird 1987
The Japanese are not well-known for their respect for wildlife but attitudes are rapidly changing. This book based on the BBC TV series describes the exotic and rare species in Japan and discusses some of the issues. Large format, well illustrated in colour and B&W.

Straiton & Popham Ken & Peter
Our World in Colour - Japan
The Guidebook Company Hong Kong 1990
Slim guide packed with beautiful colour photos.

Strauss, Taylor & Wheeler Robert, Chris & Tony
A travel survival kit
Lonely Planet Publications 1991
0 86442 104 4
4th edition of the book by McQueen - equally valuable and now more up to date (look out for the latest edition -revised approximately annually).

Sykes John
A Japanese Family
Allan Wingate 1957

Tames Richard
A Travellers History of Japan
The Windrush Press 1993
0900075 57 0
Small reasonably priced book which contains everything needed for a background to Japanese history. If you only buy one such book this is it!

Tames Richard
The Japanese
Batsford Academic & Educational Ltd 1982
Part of Today's World series. Separate short chapters on different facets of Japanese life eg Work, Family, Women, Education, Religion. Concise, readable, good black and white photographs.

Tanaka & Koike (Eds) Ikko & Kazuko
Japanese Coloring
Libro Port Co Ltd Tokyo 1982
Collection of colour photographs produced for a "Japan Day" in Holland and illustrating aspects of Japanese culture.

Tasker Peter
Inside Japan
Wealth, Work and Power in the New Japanese Empire
Penguin 1987
Excellent analysis of the current political, economic and social situation in Japan. Overturns some of the pre-conceived ideas held in the West. Very readable even in heavier topic areas.

Thomas (ed) Heather
Inside Tokyo
Tiger Books International 1991
Glossy colour illustrations give a guide to the city which is more suitable for armchair travellers than tourists.

Tomlin E W F
The Last Country
My years in Japan
Faber and Faber 1974
0 571 08941 0
The author spent six years in Japan as head of the British Council in Tokyo and travelled extensively in the country. Interesting though rather dry style.

Trager James
Letters from Sachiko
A Japanese Woman's View of Life in the Land of the Economic Miracle
Abacus/Sphere Books 1984

Wada & Cominos (editors) Minoru & Antony
Japanese Schools: Reflections and Insights
Shugakusha Kyoto 1995
Short essays on all aspects of working in education in Japan contributed by participants in the JET and other Assistant Language Teacher schemes. Essential reading for anyone proposing to apply for the JET scheme and a very useful primer on cultural differences in the approach to language teaching.

Walker (trans) Richard
In Search of the Far East
Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia & Indonesia
Readers Digest 1992
0 276 42050 0

Ward Philip
Japanese Capitals
A cultural, historical and artistic guide to Nara, Kyoto and Tokyo
The Oleander Press 1985
Slightly heavy guide to the above cities, with black and white photographs.

Weiner Michael (ed.)
Japanese Minorities
The Illusion of Homogeneity
Routledge 1998
0-415-15218-6 (pbk)
Academic style makes for heavy reading but if you can get past this there is a lot of information on the problems of the Ainu, Burakumin, Okinawans etc which is not easy to find in other works.

Williamson, Ian S
The Kilt and the Kimono
Japan through the eyes of a Scot
The Book Guild Ltd 1987
Comparisons between the Scots and the Japanese, but the author is rather too uncritical of the Japanese and too damning of other writers on Japan!

Wolf Marvin J
The Japanese Conspiracy
Their plot to dominate industry world-wide and how to deal with it.
New English Library 1985

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