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Paintings & Woodblock prints

There are quite a lot of titles under this heading as it is one of my particular interests. If you are as keen, try to get hold of sale catalogues from Christie's, Sotheby's etc - they are beautifully illustrated and act as important references to many objets d'art which may be disappearing into private collections. Also go to their viewing days if you can - it's like free admission to a wonderful museum!

Aiga Tetsuo
Meiho Nihon no Bijutsu 22 - Utamaro
Shogakukan 1981
Profusely illustrated in colour and BW with biographical chart (in Japanese)

Alberowa Zofia
Japanische Holzschnitte aus dem Nationalmuseum in Krakau
Edition Cantz, Stuttgart 1990
Catalogue of exhibition covering wide range of prints. 126 colour illustrations.

Allen Jeanne
Designer's Guide to Samurai Patterns
Chronicle Books 1990
Review of 125 patterns, 18 in colour, used in the daimyo era.

Bennett & Hutt Jonathan & Julia
The Art of Japanese Woodblock Prints
Magna Books, Leicester 1994
Large format, well illustrated overview; includes some different insights and 19th Century material.

Binyon & Sexton Laurence & J J O'Brien
Japanese Colour Prints
Frederick Publications 1954
One of the definitive reference books.

Blunt Wilfrid
Japanese Colour Prints form Harunobu to Utamaro
Faber Gallery of Oriental Art
Faber & Faber Ltd 1952
10 prints in colour (stuck in) with notes on each, most chosen from British Museum collection

Boller Willy
Masterpieces of the Japanese Colour Woodcut
Collection Willy Boller
Elek Books London 1957
Original German version published by URS Graf-Verlag Olten/Switzerland. Large format well illustrated

Brea & Kondo Luigi Bernabo & Eiko
Ukiyo-e Prints and Paintings
From the Early Masters to Shunsho
Sagep Genoa 1980
Catalogue of prints in the Eduardo Chiossone Civic Museum of Oriental Art Genoa - 434 B&W, 32 colour illustrations.

Burr Van Vleck Edward
The Edward Burr Van Vleck Collection of Japanese Prints
Elvehjem Museum of Art 1990
Excellent and huge range of illustrations, helpful for identifying Hokusai and Hiroshige landscape variants.

Century Benham Ltd
Treasures of Japan
Diary 1991
Century Benham Ltd 1990
Diary set out in weeks, with fantastic photographs of Japanese objets d'art after each week.

Clark Timothy
Ukiyo-e Paintings in the British Museum
British Museum Press 1992
Beautifully illustrated catalogue of an exhibition

Coudenhove Gerolf
Vollmond und Zikadenklänge
Japanische Verse und Farben
C Bertelsmann Verlag 1955
Small format colour pictures and poems

De Goncourt Edmond
Le peintre des maisons vertes
Paris Bibliothèque Charpentier 1891
One of the earliest works on Utamaro (in French), with a catalogue of his paintings and prints. Although it must be treated with caution as much has been corrected by later research it is a milestone in Ukiyoe studies.

Earle Jo
An Introduction to Japanese Prints
Victoria & Albert Museum
V & A/Compton/Pitman House 1980
0 273 01454 4
A rather thin volume - there are better introductions.

Earle Joe
Japanese Art and Design
The Toshiba Gallery
Victoria & Albert Museum 1986
0 948107 65 0
Beautifully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition.

Fahr-Becker (ed) Gabriele
Japanese Prints
Benedikt Taschen Verlag 1994
139 prints by 43 masters taken from the Riccar Art Museum Tokyo. Articles by Mitsunobu Sato and Thomas Zacharias. Well illustrated, good overview.

Faulkner Rupert
Masterpieces of Japanese Prints - The European Collections
Ukiyo-e from the Victoria and Albert Museum
Kodansha International Ltd 1991

Ficke Arthur Davison
Chats on Japanese Prints
EP Publishing Ltd 1975 (1st ed 1915)
0 7158 1091 X
An early classic, often shown by later research to be factually incorrect, shows its age in the style, larded with awful poems, and trying to force Ukiyo-e into a set theory of a school with fixed stages of development - this brands Utamaro as a "decadent".

Fontein (curator) Jan
Museum of Fine Arts Boston
Great Museums of the World
Paul Hamlyn 1970
0 600 35923 9
Section on Japanese art

Forrer (ed) Matthi
Essays on Japanese Art presented to Jack Hillier
Roberts G Sawers 1982
0 903697 15 7
Tribute by students and friends of JH.

Gonse Louis
L'Art Japonais
Maison Quantin Paris 1886?
Early French overview.

Griffith Paul
The Collector's Portfolio
Aurum Press 1990
1 85410 167 6
10 reproduction prints with biographical notes and advice on framing.

Hajek Lubor
Japanese Graphic Art
Galley Press 1989
113 colour plates covering the development of the print.

Hilditch John
The Graphic Arts of China and Japan
London Sherratt & Hughes 1911
Collection of short articles which appeared in the Manchester Guardian designed to be an introduction to prints and illustrated by B&W prints from the Hilditch collection (now in museum???) and reference to an exhibition at the Whitworth Institute

Hillier Jack
Paintings Drawings and Woodcuts
Phaidon 1955
Colour plates separately printed and stuck in

Hillier Jack
Japanese Colour Prints
Phaidon Press 1991
0-7148-2721-5 (paperback)
Third edition

Hillier Jack
Japanese Colour Prints
Phaidon Press 1981
0-7148-2167-5 (hardback)
2nd ed (original 1966) About 100 illustrations, half in colour, on development of prints.

Hillier Jack
Japanese Masters of the Colour Print
A Great Heritage of Oriental Art
Phaidon 1954 (2nd ed)
The later, more easily obtainable "Japanese Colour Prints" by Hillier contains the same introductory text, but this original version has a different range of separately printed illustrations and samples of signatures.

Hillier Jack
Japanese Prints & Drawings from the Vever Collection
Sotheby Parke Bernet Publications Ltd & Rizzoli International Publications Inc 1976
Three volumes

Hillier & Smith Jack & Lawrence
Japanese Prints
300 years of albums and books
British Museum 1983
0 7141 1417 0 (paper)
Development of illustrated books

Hillier Jack
Source-Books for Japanese Craftsmen
A Lecture given at the London Convention 1978 "Netsuke in Japanese Art"
Han Shan Tang 1979
0 906610 00 1
40 pages long but with interesting insights into inspirational sources for carvers etc illustrated by some unusual prints.

Hillier (intro) Jack
The Hans Popper Collection of Japanese Prints
(Sale catalogue)
Sotheby Parke Bernet inc 1972
312 B&W illustrations

Hillier Jack
The Japanese Print
A New Approach
G Bell & Sons London 1960
Covers the subject by dealing with the work of individual, usually lesser-known artists.

Hillier Jack
Colour Prints and Paintings
Phaidon Press 2nd ed 1979
0 7148 1975 1
A later paperback edition of Hillier's biography of Utamaro, with extended bibliography.

Hillier Jack
Colour Prints and Paintings
Phaidon Press 1st ed (Hardback) 1961
A biography of Utamaro, profusely illustrated with his work, by one of the leading experts on Japanese prints. The 17 colour plates were separately printed and stuck in allowing for high quality.

Hillier Jack
Estampes Livres illustrées
Huguette Berès Paris Date not given - 1975-79?
Catalogue of prints brought together for an exhibition in Paris. Useful in listing known series of prints, well illustrated.

Hirano Chie
A Study of his Life and Works
Harvard University Press 1939
Over 500 large format pages with descriptions of the print-making process, Kiyonaga's life and times,exhaustive listings and chronologies of his works. Unfortunately the portfolio of collotypes and colour plates was not with the copy I saw.

Hutt Julia
Japanese Prints
Studio Editions Ltd 1990

Illing Richard
Japanese Prints
Tiger Books International plc 1989

Illing Richard
Japanese Prints
from 1700 to 1900
Phaedon Press Ltd 1976

Illing Richard
The Art of Japanese Prints
Octopus 1980
0 7064 1380 6
70 colour plates, 122 B&W

Iwamiya Takeji
Japon Beauté des Formes
Bijutsu Shuupun-Sha:Tokyo:Office du Livre Fribourg 1964
Collection of photographs showing Japanese art and artefacts, concentarting on lighting and texture. Introduction - in French - by Donald Richie

Izzard Sebastian
Kunisada's World
Japan Society Inc 1993
Published in conjunction with the Ukiyo-e Society of America, this is a beautifully illustrated catalogue (much in colour) for an exhibition held in New York Sep-Nov 93. The prints chosen are among Kunisada's best but also depict the life of the time very effectively

Jenkins Donald
The Floating World Revisited
Portland Art Museum/University of Hawaii Press 1993
Catalogue of exhibition on life in the Edo period through art. Beautifully produced and very informative.

Johnes Raymond
Japanese Art
Spring Books 1964
48 colour, many B&W

Joly Henri
Japanese Art & Handicraft
An illustrated record of the loan exhibition held in aid of the British Red Cross in October-November, 1915.
Sawers-Valansot Publishing 1976

Kanada Margaret M
Colour Woodblock Printmaking
The Traditional Method of Ukiyo-e
Shufunotomo Co Ltd 1989
Step by step examples and photographs of block making and printing.

Kasuga Shrine
The Kasuga Shrine Art Masterpieces and Treasures
Catalogue available at the Kasuga Shrine in Nara.

Keyes Roger
One Hundred Moons
A Book of Special Days
Phaidon 1990
Yoshitoshi prints in a diary format.

Keyes Roger
The Male Journey in Japanese Prints
University of California Press 1989
Published in conjunction with an exhibition, it illustrates the journey of life and in so doing uses some less common prints as examples.

Kidder Jr. J Edward
The art of Japan
Century Publishing 1985
0 7126 0787 0
300 pages lavishly illustrated with high quality photos of art and architecture.

Kikuchi Sadao
Hoikusha 1990
Small format history, well illustrated. 18th ed

Kikuchi Sadao
Hoikusha 1984
Small format, well illustrated. 6th ed

Kobayashi Tadashi
Great Japanese Art
Robert G Sawyers Publishing 1982

Kobayashi Tadashi
Great Japanese Art
Robert G Sawers/Kodansha 1982
44 large colour plates and 20 B&W illustrations.

Kurth Julius, Dr
Leipzig: F A Brockhaus 1907
Divided into sections on Utamaro's life, work and art, this book (in German) was produced on the 100th anniversary of the artist's death and is an early detailed study. The edition is beautifully bound with a print and U's signature on the cover against a background of flowers which is continued on the page edges. 45 colour and BW illustrations. A lovely book.

Kusuzaki & Kobayashi & Sakai Muneshige & Tadashi & Ganko
Nishiki-e no Ogonki
(The golden age of the Nishiki-e:)
Ukiyo-e Bijingaten - the world of Utamaro, Harunobu, Kiyonaga and others
Mainichi Shimbun 1989
Profusely illustrated in colour and B&W with comments on each picture (in Japanese)

Lane Richard
Images from the Floating World
The Japanese Print
Chartwell Books Inc 1978
Comprehensive encyclopaedia - my most-used book.

Lane Richard
Masters of the Japanese Print
Thames & Hudson 1962
90 colour, 50 B&W plates

Lésoualc'h Théo
Japanese Painting
History of Art series
Heron Books 1970 (Engish edition)
Nicely illustrated summary of Japanese art including Ukiyo-e with useful reference sections in a compact book.

Magna Books
Book of 30 Postcards
Magna Books, Leicester 1991
1 85422 119 1
A very cheap way of getting copies of some famous woodblock prints

Mason Penelope
History of Japanese Art
Harry N Abrams Inc 1993
Scholarly and full, with B&W and some colour illustrations of art and architecture.

Masuda Tomoya
Architecture of the World - Japan
ed Henri Stierlen
Benedikt Taschen Verlag 199?
Plans and photos - covers all periods.

Michener James A
Japanese Prints
from the early masters to the modern
Charles E Tuttle Co 1959
250 B&W or colour illustrations with development of the print described through the work of the main artsits; detailed notes on each print by Richard Lane

Michener James A
The Floating World
Random House NY/Secker & Warburg London 1954
Packed with useful information about the development of ukiyo-e but still very readable.

Morra Lella e Gianni
Stampe Giapponesi
Catalogo n. 1
Morra nd but later than 1988

Munsterberg Hugo
The Japanese Print
A Historical Guide
John Weatherhill 1988
Mainly B&W, some colour

Musees Royaux, Bruxelles
Estampes Japonaises
Collection des Musées royaux d'Art et d'Histoire, Bruxelles

Neuer Roni
250 Years of Japanese Art
Studio Editions Ltd 1990

Newland Amy
Ukiyo-e to Shin hanga
Magna Books 1990

Okada (Arts Director) Jo
National Museum Tokyo
Great Museums of the World
Paul Hamlyn 1969
Half Chinese, half Japanese art

Pekarik (intro) Andrew J
The Thirty-six Immortal Women Poets
A poetry album with illustrations by Chobunsai Eishi
Barrie & Jenkins 1991
0 7126 5008 3
A beautifully illustrated anthology

Preetorius Emil
Japanische Farbenholzschnitte
Insel Bücherei Nr 611
Im Insel-Verlag 1955
Small format 23 col plates

Saito Katuo
Quick & Easy Japanese Gardens
Shufunomoto 1986
Pocket book of cards with colour photos and diagrams - very good for its size.

Sakai (Chief editor) Ganko
Loan exhibition from Japan Ukiyo-e Museum April-May 1989
Kariya City Museum 1989
100 colour prints and 20 black and white illustrations (in Japanese)

Schubart H
Japanese prints
Bristol City Art Gallery 1965
B&W illustrations with detailed notes

Shimomura and Hayashi Ryounosuke and Biichi
Shinchosha 1991
Examples of Bijinga, birds and insects prints and shunga all in colour (in Japanese)

Shogakukan (pubs?)
Book of Books
Shogakukan ?
Colour prints with Japanese text in slip case

Smith (ed) Lawrence
Images of Unknown Japan
British Museum 1989
200 colour prints, 59 book illustrations.

Sotheby & Co
Highly Important Japanese Prints, Illustrated Books and Drawings, from the HENRI VEVER Collection: Part I
26 March 1974
Sotheby & Co 1974
See also reprint under 4.2.1 Hillier. 399 illustrations, 21 in colour

Sotheby & Co
Highly Important Japanese Prints, Illustrated Books and Drawings, from the HENRI VEVER Collection: Part II
26 March 1975
Sotheby & Co 1975
See also reprint under 4.2.1 Hillier. 416 illustrations, 20 in colour. Complete set requires parts III and IV

Stanley-Baker Joan
Japanese Art
Thames & Hudson 1984
World of Art series. 167 plates, 20 colour.

Stern Harold P
Masterpieces of Chinese and Japanese Art
Freer Gallery of Art Handbook
Smithsonian Institution 1976

Stewart Basil
A Guide to Japanese Prints and their subject matter
Dover USA 1979
Republication of classic 1922 work.

Strange Edward F
Japanese Illustration
A History of the Arts of Wood-Cutting and Colour Printing in Japan
George Bell & Sons London (The Connoisseur Series) 1904
An interesting book by one of the early writers on the subject. Nicely illustrated but some of the facts and opinions need checking in the light of later scholarship.

Swinton, Elizabeth de Sabato
with contributions by Liza Crihfield Dalby, Kazue Edamatsu Campbell & Mark Oshima
The Women of the Pleasure Quarter
Worcester Art Museum 1995
Produced for an exhibition at the museum, also shown in New York and Fort Worth, in 1996, it includes articles on Edo society and the women's situation, all superbly illustrated by woodblock prints.

Takahashi Yoji
(Sun Series) Taiyo Shirizu 1 Taiyo Ukiyo-e Shirizu Utamaro
Heibonsha 1975
Good range of colour prints and some B & W; biographical details and some hints on recognising real Utamaro prints (in Japanese)

Turk Frank A
The Prints of Japan
Arco Publications London 1966
History of prints, description of subjects, prints from cities other than Edo, brilliant series of appendices giving lots of facts - very useful book.

Book 4
- Kiyonaga
Ukiyo-e Tai Kei Series on Ukiyo-e in Japanese
Shueisha 1975
In slip case, mainly Kiyonaga but other artists too, 143 pp total, 65pp colour prints, some B&W among text

Book 3
- Shunsho
Series on Ukiyo-e in Japanese
Shueisha 1976
In slip case, mainly Shunsho but other artists too, 143 pp total, 65pp colour prints, some B&W among text

Watanabe Seiku
The Art of Sumie drawing
Japanese and English guide to techniques

Watson (Ed) Professor William
The Great Japan Exhibition
Art of the Edo Period 1600-1868
Royal Academy/Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1981
Catalogue of the exhibition, profusely illustrated

Yoshida So
Ukiyo-e Hakka 3 Utamaro
Heibonsha 1984
57 colour prints with comments and location of original; biographical details, also flower and bird prints and comments on use of eyes to show expression (in Japanese)

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