Terry Pratchett's Discworld

Well, there's this flat world shaped like a disc supported by elephants standing on the back of a turtle swimming through space and of course you can have magic there which is how the Librarian accidentally got turned into a mon don't say that word ape and there are witches and dragons and hard-done-by policemen . . . If you think that all this is totally insane and you want to get out of here quickly then return to John & Jeannette's home page.   If on the other hand you're intrigued enough to want to know more (or if you're already a fan) then try these links:

The L-Space Web is very informative, while Welcome to AnkhMorpork gives you a flavour of the books. Many TP sites are personal home pages set up by fans and as such tend to come and go, but those above are more stable and will give you lots of links to others. If you get hooked on surfing TP pages try the Discworld Ring

Should you decide you want a regular fix of Discworld info sign up with Discworld Monthly to ensure that a monthly newsletter will arrive in your mailbox - and it's FREE!  Through this newsletter we have found out about performances of the stage adaptations of the Discworld books.  While the stage facilities and acting skills may vary, the one common factor is that all the performances have been great fun.  So if you've never seen a Discworld play, keep checking the Discworld Monthly for a local event.   And if you're a convinced TP fan, and want to share your enthusiasm with others, taking a friend to a play can be a good start (or a good way to find out who your real friends are!)