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Welcome to the section of our website dedicated to the beers of
Belgium, UK, Germany, Japan and the rest of the world.
We no longer run regular beer tastings
(other interests demand too much of our time)
and this part of our website is no longer being updated
but we have kept the beer-related information on this website
in the hope that it may be a useful resource.

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Words of Wisdom from the late great Master

        The first obstacle to the full enjoyment of beer, writes Michael Jackson, is the idea that it all tastes the same.  The second is the notion that beer is exclusively a thirst quencher.
        Just as wine can be consumed at any time, so can beer, but like the grape, the grain does have its flavoured moods and moments.
        The tests of a good beer are aroma, flavour and finish. As a great beer is enjoyed, its character seems to develop, so that the drinker notices new flavours and finds constant interest. Nor do the flavours suddenly vanish. The drinker looks forward to the beer; enjoys the experience and is left with a lingering memory.
        A good beer delivers the style it promises on the label. If it says Pilsner, wheat beer, ale or stout, it truly has the characteristics of that style.
        A great beer combines aroma, flavour, finish and fidelity to that style with its own distinctive balance and memorability.

Read more on Michael Jackson's website - The Beer Hunter




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