German Beers and Food

    Wine is perceived as the standard accompaniment to food, but there is an increasing awareness that beer can prove a healthier, more refreshing, lower alcohol option.  Many people are hesitant about ordering beer with meals as they are not sure which beer is appropriate.  There is no 'correct' answer, any more than there is with wine - the right drink for the situation is the one you like, and don't let any 'expert' tell you otherwise!  However if you want some ideas for German beers to start you off, here are the recommendations of the Deutschen Brauer-Bund (Society of German Brewers - if you check out their website you'll find lots of beer-cuisine recipes).

  • Salad:  helles Weizenbier, helles Lager, Export

  • Casseroles:  dunkles Lager, Kölsch, Alt

  • Boiled fish:  helles Weizenbier, helles Lager, Export

  • Grilled/fried fish:  dunkles Lager, Pils, Alt, Kölsch

  • Poultry:  helles Weizenbier, helles Lager, Export, Pils, Kölsch

  • Sea food:  Pils, helles Weizenbier, Kölsch, Export

  • Roasts:  Pils, dunkles Lager, Kölsch, Alt, Malztrunk

  • Steaks:  dunkles Bockbier, Schwarzbier, Alt, Pils, Kölsch

  • Game:  Bockbier, Schwarzbier, Alt, dunkles Weizenbier

  • Mild cheese:  helles Lager, Weizenbier, Export

  • Strong cheese:  Bockbier, Kölsch, Alt, Pils, dunkles Lager

  • Desserts:  helles Weizenbier, Kölsch, Bockbier, Malztrunk

For a reminder of the kind of beers they are suggesting, look again at German Beer Styles




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