Collectors' Corner

My first impression of beer in Belgium was the sight of a beer of a beautiful, clear gold colour, with creamy white head , perfectly served in the glass designed to show it off to best advantage, standing next to its bottle bearing a label, which was in itself a miniature work of art.  (And it was good to drink too!) This was enough to set me on the road of collecting Belgian beer glasses, but I recognise that they are many other aspects of the world of beers which can appeal to collectors.  Although I thought of setting up some pages showing Belgian beer glasses or bottles I quickly found that other people have already done it more thoroughly than I could.  So this area offers some links to pages where enthusiastic collectors have created excellent databases of breweriana.

Verabier - watch out for all the pop-up windows, but this is a good site for glasses (in French)

Jan's Beer Pages features glasses, but also bottles and cans, with the bonus of some pages on cooking with beer

Beer Can News is the site which inspired me to add these links.  Rob has created a superb database, featuring (among many others) cans from a lot of Japanese microbreweries I had not previously met.

I'd never encountered Beer Pins until a friend put me on to this page, which is a real eye-opener on the quantity and range which exist.

And if you can't find what you want anywhere else,  have a look at Beers of the World Links - part of the magazine's website which has an amazing collection of links to every aspect of beer study and collecting.

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