Cooking with Beer  - General Hints and Tips

Notes on Recipes
Don’t Let the Simple Things of Life Pass You By
            A Taste of the Continent 1
            A Taste of the Continent 2
Main Recipe Sections
            Appetizers, Dips, Snacks and Party Food
                        Beer and Cheese Matching
                        Obatzda - Bavarian Snack

                        Obatzda - version 2
                        Oktoberfest cheese snack
                        Tempura Sussex Style

                         French Sussex Onion Soup

            Sauces, Side dishes and Vegetables
                        Blue Cheese and Golden Ale Sauce

                        Merrynade for Game (or ham or pork)
            Main courses
                        VERY Easy Ways with Game
                        Doctor Borde’s Beery Lamb
                        Doctor Borde's Venison Shank
                        Paupiettes Côtes de l'Adur au Fromage  (Chicken 'n' Cheese)
                        The Baron's Irish Sussex Stew
                        Venison with Redcurrants

            Bread, Cakes and Desserts
                         VERY Easy Beer Bread
                         Merry Fruit Loaf

                         The Baron's Chocolate Sauce
                         Black Ice
                         St Cuthman's Secret Sin
            Cocktails and Shandies

Conversion Tables

Permanently Under Construction
Recipes being added/updated all the time

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